The Snake Coin

Snake Coin(SC) is a currency on the NGUNIVERSR you can grab some SC and become the SC Millionare

FX rate of SC and WETH

Buy 10 or more Snake Coin in one transaction You will get 1 Special Snake Coin Free

Snake Coin Holder

Snake Coin Suply : 330 SnakeCoin

RankingNameSC in hand
1🏆lele3cats | twitter | opensea | solsea13 SnakeCoin
2AnimalParade | twitter | opensea11 SnakeCoin
3Lifefree Sleeplove | twitter | opensea5 SnakeCoin
3Koh-NFTs | twitter | opensea | HEN5 SnakeCoin
4Makolov | twitter | opensea | HEN4 SnakeCoin
5Red Guardians | twitter | opensea2 SnakeCoin
6Size_Music_TH | twitter | opensea | HEN1 SnakeCoin
6ArtLv12 | twitter | opensea1 SnakeCoin
6ᙢαrΩuε ᖘrα†ςh | twitter | opensea1 SnakeCoin
6Mr-trash-man | twitter | opensea1 SnakeCoin
6rita | twitter | opensea1 SnakeCoin
6LaaongslipNFT | twitter | opensea1 SnakeCoin
6Nekomata | twitter | opensea1 SnakeCoin
6NanzyWarali | twitter | opensea1 SnakeCoin

Snake Voxel

Snake on voxel version lower price and on gas fee because this collection run on polygon chain

The Snake NFT

Collect Complete Set and Earn Achievement

About the collection

Nine types of snakes are friends. One day they started getting bored and wanted to find something to do. So this collection is where their stories are recorded. In this collection you will see the snake in different form base on 9 prototype snake

The collection include

  • Common Snake
  • Rare Snake
  • Special Snake
  • Prototype Snake

When you complete the set of snake you will got the medal with the name and number engraved(see in photo below)

The set that can be complete and name of collector that owner the set are show on the hall of frame

Hall of Frame

Achievement NameOwnerDate
The First CollectorNiab♥️ twitter | opensea collection12 october 2021
*check on the last day of month

The Snake 32px

if you want to see the full body of my snake not only head and tail.This collection is match with you want. but snake is in 32px and on solana chain

The Snake Game

if you want something different my other collection this collection is match with you. In this collection you can play on website without purchase it. hope you enjoy my game